IBM Cognos TM1


Complete company-wide planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis
and scorecarding

Say goodbye to the limitations of multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and hello to an accomplished all-in-one performance management solution … in a polished and intuitive interface.

Flexible, nimble, easy to use, and speedily implemented, TM1 integrates into all aspects of strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting – making it the ideal companion to the Office of Finance.

TM1 is a powerful, accessible solution that enhances enterprise-wide collaboration and information delivery to meet your organisation’s requirements for greater breadth, depth and speed of insight. Disparate data and reports are transformed into a common framework of useful information for confident strategic planning, improved responsiveness and risk management.

Using TM1’s sophisticated capabilities, The BMA Group will help you achieve:

  • Improved finance processes with driver-based forecasting, budgeting and planning to dramatically reduce cycle times across large data sets
  • The confidence to deliver forecasts and budgets that are flexible, reliable and pragmatic for better business outcomes
  • Slice and dice analysis across multiple data dimensions to perform real-time scenario modelling with advanced personalisation
  • Centrally managed, consistent data with business hierarchies, rules and calculations integrated with the underlying General Ledger and other source systems
  • Highly automated processes to collect input from systems and staff from all divisions and locations, quickly, consistently and automatically
  • Total control over the budgeting, planning and forecasting processes for all lines of business to free professional staff beyond core finance activities.
One connected solution
to drive real business value
Transform Finance Operations with
IBM Cognos Disclosure Management
Overtime eliminated, and
group reporting cycle reduced by 12 days

Certent CDM


Looking for a better way to handle your reporting requirements, and produce timely, accurate, reports you can be proud of – particularly in the final stages before disclosure? Then the time is ripe for you to consider Certent CDM.

This advanced process automation solution gives you the power to create secure, dependable and professional internal and external departmental, financial, and statutory reports from start to finish using simple and cost effective technology.

Automating the process of collecting, preparing, certifying and controlling reports improves your time management, reduces risks and elevates controls.

The BMA Group will show you how it is possible to:

  • Manage the preparation of reports in a single environment, with improved accountability and accuracy from role-based security, structured workflows and clear audit trails
  • Seamlessly link data from multiple sources and systems directly to report data
  • Collaborate simultaneously with multiple users, while maintaining one ‘version of the truth’, with built-in status and change tracking
  • Easily combine financial statements, commentary, numbers, notes, charts and images into a single document
  • Format and produce professional, consistent and replicable reports in a variety of popular publication formats – Including Microsoft Word, Adobe and XBRL
  • Secure data accuracy and integrity with business rules, workflow and audit functionality for better internal control
  • Ensure exemplary regulatory compliance and reduce the possibility of errors and late

IBM Cognos Controller


With IBM Cognos Controller, financial management becomes transparent and data can be easily deployed across your entire company.

IBM Cognos Controller is a fully-functional, easily implemented financial consolidation and reporting solution that facilitates the data collection and validation, consolidation, reporting processes for both management and statutory reporting.

IBM Cognos Controller delivers exceptional financial consolidation capabilities that support the complete close, consolidate, and report process – in a single solution.

With powerful computational ability, flexibility and integration capabilities, this solution provides all the tools you need for the controlled delivery of certified and consolidated financial and management information.

The BMA Group team can empower your finance department to:

  • Automate and transform the close process and enjoy significantly shorter reporting cycles
  • Consolidate multiple views of the company (legal, management, regional, etc.) and integrate with existing General Ledger(s) and other source system
  • Automate consolidation entries and consolidation processes (intercompany eliminations, investment eliminations, minority calculations, foreign currency conversions, etc.)


  • Conduct individual segment reporting by customer, product or market with self-service reporting and analysis
  • Access rapid, menu driven data and modify workflow menus, while feeling confident about data integrity and security with an extensive audit trail.


IBM Cognos Express


At the BMA Group, we know midsize companies have the same needs for targeted, timely and accurate information to make the strategic choices necessary to compete more effectively. Yet, the costs and complexity of implementing full-scale performance management systems and business intelligence applications may be prohibitive and many CFOs continue to believe there are no affordable options beyond Microsoft Excel.

This makes IBM Cognos Express a unique and powerful solution to accomplish your goals within a limited budget. It offers an ‘out of the box’ approach with all the essential reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities required, without the upfront costs. It is easy to install and simple and intuitive to use at all levels of the organisation.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could invest in software, plug it in, flip a switch and be off and running?


Allow business users to create, modify and publish their own analyses, reports and dashboards. Manage administrative aspects, including

adding new users and tracking events. Add new modules and capabilities with the ease of a single click.

Common control and security

Produce consistent, trustworthy information through centrally managed models, role-based access and data security.

Single management console

A web-based console, IBM Cognos Express Manager, manages all four product modules, which can be used separately or together, to accommodate a range of different business needs.

With IBM Cognos Express you have the ability to meet your current business needs, while its flexibility and scalability will adapt with you as you change, growing with your business over time. Pieced together, all its product modules offer a comprehensive range of capabilities including planning, reporting, visualisation, analysis, budgeting and forecasting, giving you the freedom to choose which functionality is most critical for your business now.

Integrated business intelligence and performance management for your midsize business